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 In this guide, parents, caregivers, guardians and those whose careers span into being a caregiver of any individual with a disability are introduced to realistic self-care tips while caring for children and adults with disabilities. 

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Dominique Anderson is the Founder and Executive Director of Amazing Strides Support Coordination Agency based in New Jersey. She has over 19 years in the disability field from volunteering in high school, program aides in Residential, School and Day program settings. In addition, she has an extensive administrative background in writing service plans and advocating for individuals with disabilities. Dominique also supervises the Support Coordinators at Amazing Strides as a Support Coordinator Supervisor to ensure all clients are receiving adequate services, support, and linkage to needed services. Dominique currently serves as a co-guardian for her uncle Steven, diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. It has become her goal to ensure every client receives the quality time, care, and respect. Dominique’s other focus is to help individuals and families identify strengths to blossom a world of opportunity to live an independent life.

Dominique Anderson

Dominique Anderson

Entrepreneur, Writer and Speaker

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” I love how the author put many resources in the book for the caregiver to find their tribe as the author said and that’s the key for most caregivers.” Allure

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